Prompt#8 ’19 Kian

One day I went to the beach and I saw millions of people, maybe even billions!
There were either people eating,playing,swimming,surfing or riding boats.I was going crazy but at last I found a boat to escape. I rowed and rowed and rowed until I found.....BRISBANE and then I rowed all the way back to England and told my mum and about it. We rowed all the way back to Brisbane and stayed there.

Prompt#8 ’19 Jackson

There was once a beautiful castle that lived a princess. It was surrounded by lovely boats and barges with beautiful picnic spots. There are also houses along the streams and the most important person is the queen. There is also really detailed houses. It also has lovely grass.

Prompt#3’18 Kian

Once upon a time in 1996 in London near the sea bed were living 200- 900 boats they were nearly 10100 and 4 years old! Sailors of 20-46 years sail on those boats. Every boat had a name, one was scarce,  one was sacra and one more was Herod and 1one pair of twins were called Australia and Queensland. One day a sailor sailed QUEENSLAND out 100 kilometres away from ENGLAND and returned safely back to shore in a storm with lots of lightning. The sea bed was full of bugs, fish and small sharks.It was still very beautiful except for one thing the boats always sunk.

Prompt#3’18 Bonita

One sunny day a little girl named Nim was 18 .She asked her father to go fishing .Her father asked his wife to tell John who was 16. “Oh John do you want to go fishing with your dad and sister?”  “yes” and they did.

Prompt#3’18 Emma (Prep)

The truck is red. All the roofs on all the houses are red. The cliff is steep. The clouds are shaped like a unicorn. The left hand side house is green.

Prompt#3’18 Andrew

Once there was a harbour and inside the harbour there was a giant mountain.
Inside the mountain there were loads of houses.
Then one day a giant fire dragon came to the mountain but luckily there was a brave boy with an ice sword.
Then the brave boy ran down the hill with his ice sword and made a blizzard.
The blizzard was getting so cold so the fire dragon got frozen and that was the end of the fire dragon.

Prompt#3’18 Emma

I hate this red, old, yucky lead and to make matters worse, I have to always be on it!! Then one warm day they tied me to a chair and I pulled and pulled then SNAP!!!! I was free and I jumped here and there, up ,down. I was as free as the blood when you prick yourself and the blood comes pouring out. I felt like the only dog that had ever been let out of a lead!


Prompt#3 Tony

This harbour is beautiful and deep. While the cargo ships are coming in, a sailor is at the cafe having coffee. If you lived in the houses on the mountain it would be very scary since everything would be sideways. It won’t rain on a sunny day like this. There are many birds around the place and there is also a bird on the roof of one of the houses.

Prompt#3’18 Joseph

The people on the cliff are always busy all day long, going down the hill to get groceries for their kids to eat.

There are sharks in the ocean that eat humans. The sharks are sooooooooooo big that they look like whales.

It is very hot so the people are all buying ice cream but none of them are buying hot ice cream because it’s too hot.

The fish and chip shop is out of fish because the sharks ate all of the fish in the sea.

Prompt#3’18 Alicia

The boat was coming into the bay.
The boat is making a very loud beeping noise.
The seagulls were coming at the boat.
One of the seagulls was going in to the water to get some fish.
In the clouds there was a shape of a boot.

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